Just putting a few trench drains in should be simple, right?


When we started this project we opted to keep the construction as simple as possible. We knew we needed to add another ADA compliant restroom and a few trench drains in the brew plant area but thought that was about it. Before we realized we were digging up almost all the brewery floor, moving the existing restroom, adding in a sink for the pilot system and adding a new floor sink for the bar.

As we'd started to jackhammer out the old concrete to make way for the trench drains we quickly found out that this was a bigger project than we'd anticipated. Just moving out the broken up concrete and digging out the spaces to run the new plumbing was a six week (part-time) ordeal. We called on a few favors from friends who came from as far as San Jose (Thanks Aaron) and also made people shovel dirt on their birthdays (Thanks Chris). With two weeks to go we had three of our team on the sidelines with early winter colds and only made our deadline with last minute help from Jando (you really saved our bacon there - thank you!).