Jakob Foley was one of those homebrewers who thought opening up a brewery sounded like lots of fun. Now that he’s actually doing it, he’s not so sure about the building part but is very much looking forward to brewing beer and running a nice, shiny, new brewery. He also thinks that breweries are just like kittens and puppies and will stay small, cute and cuddly forever. Jakob is a California Republic native who has been coming to Willits for years to visit some well-entrenched family members and friends. Prior to starting up Northspur Brewing, he started Fubrew, a small, seasonally brewery on the Futaleufu river, in the northwest corner of Chilean Patagonia. He’s also brewed commercially in Interlaken, and spent years torturing friends and family with various homebrew creations. Jakob has been talking about building a Willits brewery for years and is pretty excited to finally have the opportunity to do it.